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Post by: hunter on August 21, 2019, 09:46:44 PM
Hello members well it is that time of year again I am sure you all saw the reminder in the club magazine. Last year we sold out of the 150 tickets and all the rooms we are heading back to The Grange Manor rooms are open for booking please call the hotel. Contact me for tickets asap I would like this all booked for the end of November.
The rouges gallery was very successful last year  so this year I am sure you have all heard of the clubs success south of the border so we would like to collect as many photos and stories from events south of the border as we can!
The entertainment will be party games and competition this will be held in the smaller room should you wish to take part!
Please get int ouch with me regarding any information and get your tickets bought look forward to seeing as many of you there x
Post by: hunter on September 01, 2019, 11:38:30 AM

rouges gallery - with the clubs successful year south of the border we are looking for photos, story, memorabilia (war of the roses, hill rallies, nationals, majors etc)

agm 2-3pm

Trophy presentation 4-530pm

Dinner 6-8pm

Entertainment - After the meal guests are inviting to the games room where we will be holding party games/competition/nonsense to get involved or just simply enjoy watching those who are taking part.
party games will include hungry hippos (landrovers)
our classic pass the parcel/musical chairs with war of the roses theme
other games to be included watch this space!!!!!!

Raffle -
there are 3 raffles first is the main raffle
2nd we will be raffling off the bottle of SLROC 14yr Ledaig which was collected from Tobermoary distillery on our island trip to Mull in May
3rd For those of you who are old enough to remember the Kenny raffle (do not worry there will be no bags of dung)

rooms in the hotel are limited please get them booked as they are on short term hold
payment for tickets (25 adult 12.50 children) to be paid by the end of November please get in touch and I will pass on details
many thanks
Stephanie x