Trophy winners 2013

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Trophy winners 2013
« on: January 26, 2014, 09:29:49 PM »
The J.W. Woodward  Shield – Best Marshal Alec McCormack
The Jansyl Cup – Best lady “Behind the scenes”  &  Off The Beaten Track Award – Best Gent “Behind the scenes” will go to team Tourish
The Young Cup For Service – For significant contribution to the club   Team Hunter
Awarded this year to three young ladies who help when there can and to mum and dad that are full of plans on how to have fun with the off roading
The TLC Quaich – Best kept competition vehicle Frank Wolf
The Zimmer Trophy – Best overall Championship score by member over age 50 Colin Robertson
The Fraser Martin Trophy – Best performance in Boxing Day Bash    Brian Reid
vehicle not in CCV and Safari Championship
Desert Fox Award – Best performance at Boxing Day Bash    Cameron Crow
(all vehicles)
The RTV Championship Cup
1st Colin Robertson
2nd Lindsay MacBeth
3rd George Lees

The David Aldridge Shield – Best novice in RTV Championship  Dave Tomlin
The Donaldson Diesel Award – Highest placed diesel engine vehicle Colin Robertson
The Graham Cup – Highest placed Range Rover / Discovery in RTV Championship Charlie Cook
SLROC Ladies Trophy – Highest placed lady competitor in RTV Championship Imogen Lorimer-Hill
The Glendaruel Cup – Highest placed leaf sprung vehicle in RTV Championship Martin Cargill
The Dunbartonshire Shield – Best performance at RTV’s in the West of Scotland Colin Robertson
The Glasgow 4x4 Trophy – Highest placed short wheelbase coil sprung vehicle  Colin Robertson
The Eilean Bhoid Trophy
1st Michael Meakin
2nd Iain Kelly
3rd Peter Shickle

W. Nolan Cup – Highest placed Series II, IIA or III in TYRO Championship Trevor Marr
The Cameron Muir Trophy – Highest placed Lady in the TYRO Championship Emma Thomson
The Lothian Shield – Best results in TYRO’s in the East of Scotland Michael Meakin
The Belford Trophy – Best performance in CCV Trials
1st  Andy Taylor
2nd  Grant Jessiman
3rd   Dougie thomson
The Jack Bruce Trophy – Best performance at CCV and Safari events in the South of Scotland   Ann McCandilish
The W. Baird Cup – Best non-standard Series I Alex Scott
The Norman Pattison Trophy – Best novice in CCV Championship  Cameron Crow
The Class 2 Trophy – Best performance by a road going vehicle  Frank Wolf
in the CCV Championship
The Sarann Cup – Highest placed Lady in the CCV Championship Sam Taylor
The John Foy Trophy – Best performance in CCV Trials by a standard Series I Jim Neilson
Speed God On Wheels Trophy – Best performance in Comp Safari Championship
1st  Robert Scott
2nd  Ann McAndilish
3rd Zander Saunders
1st  Jonathan Barker
2nd Brian Hilditch
3rd  Colin Stevenson
The MacKenzie Duffield Trophy – Best performance by English based    Jonathan Barker
member in the Scottish Comp Safari Championship
The Tartan Teamwork Trophy – Best performance by a double driven
entry in the SCCC David Steven & Dan Lofthouse
The Black Smoke Trophy – Best performance by diesel  Robert Scott
Powered vehicle in the SCCC
The Custard Motorsports Trophy – Best performance by a Production        Andrew Wicklow
Or Modified Production Class vehicle in the SCCC
The Championship Cup – awarded to the highest scoring competitor
from our four individual championships              Colin Robertson (RTV)
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Re: Trophy winners 2013
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2014, 10:34:43 PM »
Well done guys
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Re: Trophy winners 2013
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2014, 07:09:54 AM »
I wasn't expecting that, shows you what turning up all the time does coz it wasn't my fine driving prowess!!!!!!  :) :) ;)
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Re: Trophy winners 2013
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2014, 05:19:48 AM »
Great set of results and well done to all who featured in the above list. Special words for those involved in the Comp class, to Big Eck who's efforts over a variety of Series have been recognised and without whom we would be lost. To Team Tourish, the Land Rover Club equivalent of the Walton's, thank you all again. As for the entrants in the SCCC, I knew I should have had a fiver on Wee Robert getting a good finish with a haul of trophies, glad someone's driving that car to its potential these days. And to our new champ Jonny Barker, who by the post drove so fast that he went back in time and won the 2012 Championship!! (sorry Bobby was that a wee typo?). And last but certainly not forgotten, to Robin Laidlaw, who is confirmed as this years winner of the new SCCC Sunday Trophy, which was debated at length on this web site to encourage participation and who did indeed commit to coming out to play in the one day series.

Finally, its great to be recognised for your efforts but its not just about the winning, it's about the taking part. So your name may not be included in the honours list above and their will be many that consistently get out of their beds at silly times on miserable wet mornings or spend late nights in cold garages that are not listed, your efforts and commitment is no less appreciated. Well done to all involved, hopefully we'll see you all in the next few weeks at the AGM or throughout the 2014 season.

Best of wishes.