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Welcome to the Scottish Land-Rover Owners Club

2020 competition licence applications - for those that haven’t held a licence before.
Everyone that wants to take part in any event in 2020, Tyro, rtv, ccv etc, as a driver, navigator, passenger (passenger over 18 only) must have a MSUK licence.
To start you need to register with MSUK here
Once registered you can apply via a link if on an apple device or go to competitors/new licence application.
Please apply as soon as you can, noting it crashed shortly after opening, you may be able to apply on the day of an event but the convenors are already very busy.


A warm welcome is extended to you from the Scottish Land Rover Owners Club.

We are Scotland's longest established Land Rover Club with events to cater for most types of off-road driving.

The Land-Rover Owner's Club was started in the 1950's and in October 1958 the Scottish Sector was formed, later to become the Scottish Land-Rover Owners Club.

Initially providing light-hearted cross-country competitions for working vehicles and an active social life with a little encouragement from the factory, the Club developed to provide sport for more highly developed vehicles and has followed the lead progressively taken by the Motor Sports Assocoation, and our own Association of Land Rover Clubs, to provide speed events & challenging trials at the limit of a vehicles ability - as well as less risky events for road taxed, unmodified, everyday vehicles and non-competitive outings and social events, all of which are outlined on this site.

Over 400 members range from race enthusiasts (who find handling a V8 special more exciting, and often cheaper, than rallying or circuit racing) to the majority, who have standard, production, vehicles for work or pleasure and just want to have occasional fun without much risk of damage.

A number of members do not have a Land-Rover at all, but join to enjoy the company of friends and simply like to be involved.

Should you wish to join us, Membership Application forms are on this site.

The SLROC Forum is a popular discussion place for both members and non-members a-like. With a For-Sale/Wanted section, and a Technical Advice area as well as areas for past and future events, there is plenty for you to see (and become involved in)

(If you were looking for the Suffolk Land Rover club, they live in suffolk, and online over at, although we'd rather you stay around a while now that you are here.)

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